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2006 St. Croix

St. Croix will always hold a special place in our hearts. We have returned a number of years to spend time with Arnold’s sister, Suzanna, and her husband, Ed. These pictures were taken in 2006. Sadly, Ed passed away in 2012.


Mocko Jumbie is the art of stilt walking which originated in West Ghana, Africa. The word Mocko Jumbie means “Good God” or “Good Spirit”. The art form came about according to one myth when some of the native tribe had to build their homes (huts) on stilts high above the ground due to flooding during certain times of the year; and to get to their homes they developed the art of stilt walking. Another myth says that the art was developed by a tribe who felt since they buried their ancestors underground, that they would be walking on their ancestors if they walked on the ground. The most commonly known myth states that the art of stilt walking was practiced by the African tribe’s witch doctor who towered himself over the village to see and ward off evil spirits. Unknown to most of the Caribbean, the art form was introduced to the Caribbean by a gentleman known as Willie Peepup in the early 1930’s. It then surfaced in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands around 1952 at their first carnival. Today the art form of stilt dancing is used as entertainment, which is an eye catcher to every spectator.